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When caught early, many orthodontic problems can be prevented by beginning an orthodontic treatment plan. Through Dr. Jim MacAlpine’s phase one interceptive program for children, he is able to guide jaw development to reduce or eliminate the need for future surgical correction or braces. He can also make room for permanent teeth and correct underbites and overbites without braces.

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Dr. Jim MacAlpine believes that it’s never too late to improve your smile, and he can create a comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan for any member of the family at his Asheville practice. We offer treatment options including traditional orthodontic braces, clear braces, and the revolutionary Invisalign® system. We also offer an incentive program to encourage our younger patients to follow their orthodontic treatment plan.

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Orthodontic Treatment by Asheville Dentist, Dr. Jim MacAlpine

At the practice of Dr. Jim MacAlpine, we believe our patients deserve the best, and it is our commitment to high quality dental care that sets us apart. When you visit Dr. MacAlpine in Asheville, you will find a friendly dentist who is dedicated to providing exceptional orthodontic treatment for the whole family. We have a policy of non-extraction, and we will only pull a tooth if it is absolutely necessary. In fact, patients who have been told by other dentists that they need a tooth pulled often come to us for help. In many cases, we can save the tooth.

We offer an advanced plan of prevention for children to stop the development of orthodontic problems that can ruin their smiles. You will experience friendly, personalized service, and state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment options for everyone in the family at our Asheville practice. Our caring dentist and staff strive to make every dental appointment as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

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Our Asheville Dentist – Dr. Jim MacAlpine

Dr. Jim MacAlpine is not your ordinary orthodontist. He is dedicated to the early treatment of orthodontic problems, and his patients throughout Asheville and surrounding communities quickly learn that he is a dentist who has a special way of putting people at ease. He always makes sure that his patients fully understand their orthodontic treatment options and offers opportunities for patients to be involved in every step of their dental care.

Dr. MacAlpine is so certain that his patients will love their results that he offers a money-back guarantee. Dr. MacAlpine’s goal is perfection through orthodontic treatment for everyone who visits his Asheville practice. He is a dentist who believes that whatever your age, you deserve to smile with style.

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