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Children’s Orthodontic Treatment for Prevention - Dental Braces - Asheville

Dr. Jim MacAlpine is dedicated to treating orthodontic problems while children are still young in order to reduce or prevent the need for extensive treatment with braces or surgery later in life. Through a variety of methods, he can guide the growth of a child’s teeth and jaws to create a straight smile and balanced bite. In some cases dental braces are needed for optimal results. Dr. MacAlpine offers a variety of orthodontic treatment options to his young patients in Asheville and surrounding communities, including Greenville, Tennessee, to make the experience fun and effective.

Early Orthodontic Treatment - Children’s Phase One Interceptive Program

When caught early enough, many orthodontic problems such as overbites and underbites can be prevented. This is why Dr. MacAlpine has created a comprehensive phase one interceptive program for children. While children are growing, Dr. MacAlpine guides jaw development to prevent a variety of problems and reduce or eliminate the need for future surgical correction or extensive orthodontic treatment.

Dr. MacAlpine uses several types of functional appliances to make room for permanent teeth, reduce crowding, and correct bite problems without the need for braces. Dr. MacAlpine can create an early orthodontic treatment plan for patients as young as six or seven to intercept very evident problems. Treatment may eliminate the need for braces altogether, however, in some cases, braces are needed to achieve optimal results. Oftentimes, braces are worn for only a fraction of the typical treatment time thanks to early orthodontic treatment.

Children’s Orthodontic Evaluation

The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that all children have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven, while the bones are still growing and orthodontic problems begin to develop. It is at this time that an early orthodontic treatment plan can have the most impact on preventing future orthodontic problems. However, the earlier we can diagnose and treat potential problems, the more effectively we can prevent the need for extensive treatment in the future. We commonly see children as young as six for their first evaluation. Contact our practice to schedule an orthodontic evaluation with Dr. MacAlpine for your child.

Children’s Orthodontic Treatment with Dental Braces

Dr. MacAlpine is able to eliminate the need for dental braces, also known as orthodontic braces, for many of his young patients through early orthodontic treatment at his practice in Asheville, serving surrounding areas including Greenville, Tennessee. However, in some cases, dental braces are needed to achieve optimal results. In these cases, dental braces are often only needed for a fraction of the typical treatment time.

Our practice has all of the options to make children comfortable and to help them get the most out of their orthodontic treatment. Dr. MacAlpine gives children reasons to smile at every visit, and he is dedicated to making orthodontics a fun, educational, and positive experience for children and their parents.

We offer children a variety of orthodontic treatment options including clear dental braces. Our Asheville-area patients can choose from the following orthodontic options:

Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s appointments. Teaching children about their treatment is a great way to help them get the most out of their orthodontic treatment program. For more information about treatment with dental braces, visit our braces page.

"Wooden Nickel" Children's Incentive Program

Sometimes, it’s tough to get children to understand the importance of oral hygiene and the proper use of orthodontic appliances. Dr. MacAlpine has developed a "wooden nickel" incentive program to reward children when they keep their teeth clean, attend appointments, and avoid foods that can damage their braces. T-shirts, movie tickets, and shopping sprees are some of the prizes awarded to children for taking good care of their teeth during and following their orthodontic treatment programs.

Contact Us for Preventative Orthodontic Treatment and Dental Braces

Dr. MacAlpine stresses the importance of treatment of orthodontic problems at a young age, before they can progress to a point where extensive treatment may be needed. If your child is at least six years old, we recommend that you schedule an orthodontic evaluation so that Dr. MacAlpine can determine if early orthodontic treatment or dental braces are necessary. We offer fun options at our Asheville practice for our young patients in surrounding areas, including Greenville, Tennessee. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

For more information on orthodontic treatment, including dental braces, contact the practice of Dr. Jim MacAlpine, serving Asheville and surrounding areas, including Greenville, Tennessee.

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